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SYDNEY Luxperience, a new trade event aimed at high-end experiential travel buyers, is set to make its inaugural run in the New South Wales capital in September at the Overseas Passenger Terminal.

With many trade events already targeted at the luxury segment, the newly minted show hopes to bring something new to the table.

“We provide both exhibitors and buyers with long-term connections. We don’t stop after three days either, Luxperience is dedicated to providing our community with business opportunities 365 days a year,” said Luxperience founder and chief executive Rosemarie Sama.

Indeed, the show’s LuxConnect platform enables business connections among participants even before the event starts.


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Luxperience has three specific buyer programmes: the Global VIP Buyer Programme, which will include 150 exclusive VIP travel agents and wholesalers from all over the world; the National Inspire Programme, which will include 60 national senior luxury travel consultants from around Australia; and, the Corporate Connection Programme, which include 150 key decision makers from around Australia.

The Corporate Connection Programme is a key component to the trade show, according to Sama.

“It provide the opportunity for corporate buyers to connect with our exclusive travel providers. The programme is held on Day 3 of Luxperience with connections made over a social luncheon component and via appointments with individual suppliers held across two streams – either in the morning or the afternoon,” she explained.

This programme is targeted at performance managers, executive assistants, reward and recognition programme managers, incentive managers and those responsible for recommending and booking high-end travel for individuals and groups as well as corporate and executive retreats.

Sama added: “Through the Corporate Connection Programme, they will be able to find the hidden gems of high-end experiential travel, search for new ideas to truly deliver the wow factor they are expected to get inspiration from new suppliers to help them create unforgettable experiences and the latest updates regarding board  and corporate executive retreat options.”

Furthermore, the show includes a Business and Management Consulting Programme for exhibitors.

“Whatever the specific need, we can arrange one-on-one, face-to-face or virtual business and management coaching at no cost,” Sama said.

She added: “Many of our suppliers who are smaller owner-operated businesses and who do not have extensive resources have already taken advantage of this unique opportunity and have found it extremely beneficial to their business. This programme also ensures our community are doing everything they can to really maximise their participation at Luxperience.”

Exhibitors already committed to attend the show are from Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Africa, Seychelles, Indonesia, India and Thailand among others. They include Silversea Cruises, SwissSKIsafari, TAJ Hotels, Orion Expeditions and a number of Australia’s luxury lodges, to name a few.

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