Pacific World branches out to South Korea

SEOUL – South Korea joins the portfolio of markets served by global destination management company Pacific World, thanks to a partnership with local inbound expert Kims Travel.

Selina Grocott, Pacific World regional director, Singapore & Malaysia, explained that the move was part of the organisation’s campaign to increase presence in emerging travel hubs and recognise South Korea’s rich potential to host business events. She said: "We are always looking to expand and join hands with companies who can open doors to unique and value-rich customer experiences."

In recent years, enhanced lifestyle attractions and improved hardware has whetted the appetite of both leisure and corporate travellers to visit South Korea. UIA (Union of International Associations) statistics from 2011 put this northeast Asian country as the 6th most popular for international meetings ahead of Germany and Spain, while Seoul was ranked most popular city for international meetings ahead of Tokyo, Barcelona and Berlin.

With 22 years of specialising in ground arrangements for large congresses and conferences, the company is led by Chun C Kim, who told Mix it was preparing to offer itineraries featuring venues that had never been open to the public before.    


Kim cited the elegant Seokpajeong Villa (above and below) of Prince Regent Heungseon, the chief state councillor to King Cheoljong in the19th century – a particularly traumatic period in the country's history. At the foothills of Mt Inwangsan, just outside Seoul, it enjoys spectacular views of the surrounding landscapes and feature picturesque gardens. The mansion changed hands many times after the Korean War, and only until recently was it open to general visitors.

Kim of Kims Travel told Mix the venue would be ideal for social receptions of varying guest numbers and open to company buy outs.

Besides South Korea, Pacific World is also present in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, China, Scotland, Spain, Portugal, Greece, France, Monaco and the Southern Africa region.

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