Ocean Park unveils Tuxedos restaurant

HONG KONG Following the launch of its Polar Adventure attraction earlier this month, Ocean Park has opened Tuxedos, which claims to be the world's first theme park restaurant offering views of over 70 penguins swimming in their habitat.

The restaurant serves a selection of predominantly western menu consisting of  12 dishes, which have low-carbon, organic and sustainable ingredients. These dishes are designed in accordance with the Hong Kong LOVERS campaign, which stands for Local, Organic, Vegetarian, Energy saving, Reduce, reuse, recycle and Seasonal.

Decorated in an Antarctic theme, Tuxedos adjoins the penguin pool area in the neighbouring South Pole Spectacular, allowing guests to watch the majestic birds frolic and swim about in their enclosure through an expansive glass observation area – making for an unparalleled dining experience.

Able to sit up to 170 diners, Tuxedos also provides diners an opportunity to help protect the environment, with 5 per cent of gross revenue from its operations donated to Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong (OPCHK) in support of conservation efforts around the world.


Randall Sim


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