Abdul Khani Daud, the CEO of Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB)

MyCEB chief on ICCA mission

Malaysia Convention Bureau’s Abdul Khani Daud vows to raise profile of Asia Pacific in congress organisers’ association and calls for strategic study into region’s role

MALAYSIA convention bureau chief executive Abdul Khani Daud has joined the Asia Pacific board of ICCA with a mission to strengthen the region’s role in the congress organisers’ association.

The appointment was announced at the 59th (Virtual) General Assembly of ICCA in Amsterdam and is viewed as an “incredibly momentous” step in Malaysia competing in the association meetings market while strengthening the profile of Asia Pacific.

The general assembly was held on October 19 in time for this week’s ICCA Global Congress 2020 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

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One of Khani’s missions will be to “bring the voice of Asia Pacific membership to the ICCA global board of directors”. This includes encouraging ICCA to invest more towards Asia Pacific region while undertaking a strategic market intelligence study for the region.

“Even though I am new to this large ICCA family… I am not a total stranger to the business events industry,” Khani said.

Khani was appointed to the Malaysia Convention Bureau’s board of directors in 2017 while he served as deputy director general of Tourism Malaysia.

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