Mobile apps for business events: Top 10 predictions

UNITED KINGDOM With the boom in mobile apps in last several years, we have seen the increasing use of this handy technology. Event organisers and their delegates have found new ways to make mobile apps work for them before, during and after the event.

What’s in store for 2013? The world of technology is progressing at an exponential rate and each year there are multiple changes, which impact the route of its evolution – the coming year is likely to be no different.

Michael Douglas, operations director at GenieMobile, Mobile and Web Engagement Platform for Events and Associations shares his top predictions for the year ahead.

1. Mobile platforms will cease to operate in isolation – App providers will be expected to deliver a solution, which is compatible with both web and tablets. This will become a standard requirement in 2013 as attendees realise the benefits of streaming and accessing information on all devices from the desktop to any mobile device.

2. Events are going mobile and as a result, apps will become the norm at all events – Just as pre-registering for an event online has become standard, as will downloading event apps. Apps give attendees instant access to all of the event information that they need.

3. Customers will continue to expect greater return on investment from their event apps – The app will play a much greater role in the marketing arm of every product it is attached to, and all event apps will be expected to deliver direct business leads, audience insights and clear brand/ message recognition.

4. Multi-event apps will supersede single event apps – Multi-event apps allow organisations to provide a single app, which can be used for multiple linked events, saving considerable time on the planning side. A multi-event app requires a one-time download from attendees, and serves as an ongoing resource center for information.

5. The quality of the solution and the service delivered to the client will trump the individual features – Too many event apps are poorly delivered and as a result, quality and service will become key selling points for app vendors.

6. Customers will look to reduce the number of tech suppliers – Customers are currently working with multiple suppliers for services such as website, registration, floor plan and audience response. Increasingly customers are favouring vendors who can offer a more complete package.

7. Customers will begin to use the event intelligence gleaned from apps to grow their business – Event Apps are not just a tool to benefit attendees, they also provide invaluable information for the customer which can be used in the planning of future events. An app can produce information on effective marketing, enhanced event design, and segmented marketing.

8. Customers will understand more, the difference between tablet and smartphone use around events and seek solutions that distinguish between them – The consumption of various types of data – messages, pdf’s, whitepapers and video – varies depending on the device used by attendees. Customers will have to cater for this, when planning their app, by including smart device marketing and segmentation.

9. Augmented reality will replace QR codes as the experimental technology no one uses – Advancements in these technologies are allowing creative marketing ideas to become more of a reality.

10. Show floor tracking and the ability to understand movements of participants within the event – Increased flexibility and access to technology means that event organisers can now track and analyse movement patterns around their event.

For more information about Genie Mobile, visit the company website here.

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