Mix Picks: Marathon Team Building


Marathons might not be the first activity to spring to mind when thinking about team building activities. The 26 miles are long and arduous whilst the training required means it’s significantly more serious than a day out playing paintball. Those reasons, though, are precisely why you and your staff should sign up now and prepare to band together over the task ahead. You’ll also be able to raise some serious cash for charity, doubling up on your sense of accomplishment. So, get those those running shoes out and start training for some of the region's best marathons.

Great Wall of China Marathon

This little run isn’t for the faint of heart. As you’d expect, the route is over the Great Wall of China and competitors have to tackle approximately 5,164 steps along the way. Although difficult, the exceptional views and undeniable sense of accomplishment that comes with having conquered one of the world’s modern wonders means this is a serious challenge that no-one will ever forget.

When? 18th May 2013


Jordan Full Moon Desert Marathon

Running across Jordan’s desert sands under moonlight sounds like an extreme adventure that should only be tackled by the most hardy of runners. There’s no reason for you to tell your sponsors otherwise, but, this race is actually one of the easier runs on our list. Indeed, many professional racers use the event as a training exercise, but that shouldn’t detract from amateurs taking the plunge. The race is also one of the few marathons that have a ‘show up and run’ option which means there is no need to pre-register – perfect if you think your team might drop out at the last minute.

When? May 24 2013


Singapore Sundown Marathon

The original – and arguably best – mass night running event in Asia. This race is one of the most highly organised events in the calendar so groups should register early. In return though, competitors have the chance to see Singapore as they’ve never experienced before and the atmosphere is said to be electric. The high visibility of the race means that huge sponsorship opportunities are available and for teams, there is a special ‘team of four’ scoring system in place. This means that the combined timings of four members of the team will be used to ascertain the fastest group, bringing a new level of competition and group morale to the race. For the hardcore runners, there’s also a 100k ultra-marathon which can also be attempted in a relay pair.

When? May 31 2013


Phuket Laguna Marathon

As you'd expect from sun-drenched Phuket, this race comes with the inviting slogan: Run Paradise. And it's for a good reason. The route takes in a picture perfect snapshot of Thailand going past a rubber plantation, numerous beaches and a Thai village market before finishing at the Laguna Phuket resort. Although picturesque, this is a hot marathon, so runners are warned that it’s essential to be acclimatised  to the heat before attempting to run. Some competitors actually walk the route instead of trying to beat the heat, but either way, it’s an accomplishment to be proud of.

When? 9 June 2013


Hokkaido Marathon

If you’re looking to rub shoulders with some of the stars of the running world, then the Hokkaido Marathon might well be the one to pick. The Japan Association of Athletics Federation (JAAF) and the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS) both recognise the race as eligible for world record attempts. For amateurs, through, the Hokkaido route is a beautiful one and particularly flat which means you’ll rack up an impressive finishing time.

When? 8 August 2013



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