Mix Picks: Five Halloween attractions

It pays to let out a good scream every now and then – as long as it has nothing to do with work. So why not take your team to one of our suggested hair raisers for a welcome breather from the pressures of the office?


Where? Universal Studios Singapore

What to watch out for? Haunted houses

Step into the House of Dolls to watch the Puppet Master at work, and later discover why previous visitors to his workshop have mysteriously disappeared. Shiver in The Dungeon of Damnation while The Undertaker prepares the dead for burial, and then witness nerve-tingling experiments take place at The Insanitarium with Doctor Dementia, the latest addition to the collection of morbid mansions. Meanwhile, mysterious radioactive substance is being spread in the Total Lock Down zone, while a serial killer is on the loose in the Death Alley. Indeed, a bigger and bolder scarefest awaits delegates at Halloween Horror Nights’ second year.

When? October 19 to 21; October 25 to 28, 2012, from 8PM to 12MN

Tickets to Halloween Horror Nights 2 are separate from regular theme park admissions, and if last year was any indication, they sell out pretty quickly. So it’s best to book in advance. Early bird tickets come at SG$60 (US$49) per person before October 1, and SG$68 (US$55) for tickets purchased between October 1 and 28. We also recommend the Universal Express ticket at SG$40 (US$33) per person for priority access to the three haunted houses and select Halloween Horror Nights 2 attractions. Group discounts are available.




Where? Fremantle, Perth, Western Australla

What to watch out for? A prison tour that’s as scary as it is educational

Follow a guide into the halls of an old maximum security prison in Fremantle Prison's Halloween Tour, a spookier version of its Torchlight Tour. Visit the Main Cell Block, Exercise Yards, Solitary Confinement room, Flogging Post, Gallows, and the Morgue, as well as the Southern Shower Block, which isn’t included in any of the other routes. A word of caution to visitors though: rumour has it that groups may not be alone in some of these areas… 

To get into the spirit of the night, staff and visitors are encouraged to dress up in costume. Each round accommodates a group of 35 at most.

When? October 31 to November 2, 2012 from 7PM onward. The tour lasts an hour and a half.

Tickets start at AU$26 (US$27) per person, and discounts are available to groups of 10. Bookings and pre-payments are made by phoning the Fremantle Prison Ticket Office at (+618) 9336-9200.




Where? Ocean Park, Hong Kong

What to watch out for: High-tech haunted houses and games

Interact with ghouls in the world’s first 5D haunted house, the 5D Journey to the Underworld, which features locally-developed CAVE 0.5 3D projection technology and features burnt and rotten scents for a complete atmospheric experience; Terror of the Tombs, another haunted house with interactive challenges for guests to overcome in order to escape and Eagle-eye Exorcist, a game that incorporates eye-tracking technology normally used in medical equipment – the mechanism is designed to detect minute movements of the iris, so all guests need to do is use their eyeballs to bust ghosts.

Traditional haunted houses are also making a comeback: Chinese Wedding of the Departed, Silver Screams, Eternal Darkness, Ghostly Legends of Hong Kong, Escape from Mystery Mountain and Magician’s Lair.

When? September 21 to 23, 28 to 30; October 1, 5 to 7, 12 to 14, 18 to 22, 25 to 28, 31 from 5:30PM to 12MN.

Tickets are priced based on their admission privileges and redemption period. We suggest the Night Ticket at HK$224-HK$325 (US$29-US$42) per person for admissions after 5:30PM and unlimited entry to all haunted houses, or the Privilege Ticket at HK$480-$550 (US$62-$71) per person, which includes night admission to the park and a quick-queue entry to all the haunted attractions. 




Where? India

What to watch out for? A ghost hunt around Delhi

For actual ghost sightings this Halloween season, India-based tour operator Let’s Get Packing is offering curious seekers the chance to explore rumoured ghost-filled sites around Delhi. 

Groups, divided to smaller teams of three or four people, are led by an expert investigator from the Indian Paranormal Society (IPS) around a chosen destination for the chance to spot apparitions and listen to whispers of the night. The experience is complete with an orientation of the location’s history and equipment to aid in the hunt, such as night-vision goggles, thermal cameras and EVP recorders.

Tours have taken place at the Mehrauli Archaeological Park, which is reported to house djinns or genies, and Prithviraj Cemetery, the burial site for Europeans who died of the plague in the early 20th century.

When? Once a month though private tours may be booked exclusively for your group. The next one is scheduled for October 6, from 7PM to 12AM, at either the Nicholson Cemetery – a British cemetery, housing mostly the remains of soldiers who were killed during the 1857 Indian Mutiny – or the Sanjay Van forest area, next to a former cremation ground.

Tickets for early bird bookings are priced at INR2500 (US$46) per person and INR3000 (US$56) for late registration, inclusive of return bus transportation, bottled water, dinner and use of investigative gadgets. Slots are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Bookings for the October 6 tour close on October 3.




Where? Warner Bros Movie World, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

What to watch out for? Horror movie inspired mazes and live shows

Immerse your group in the world of television favourite The Walking Dead with a labyrinth full of zombies. Villains of a wider variety lurk at The Film Vault, while bone-chilling suspense fills the Hillbilly Slasher Maze where a killer is on the prowl and every visitor is a possible victim. Experience what it’s like to have walls close in on you at the Psycho 3D Maze as you slither your way through a moving tunnel. And once your group is all screamed out, catch one of the live shows, including the Thriller Dance by an army of zombies, and Death Derby, a stunt showcase with a lot of flames and still more of the undead.

When? October 6, 13, 19, 20, 26 and 27, 2012 from 6 to 11PM. 

Tickets are limited, so it’s best to reserve ahead of time. Regular admissions to Fright Nights 2012 start at AU$29.99 (US$31), while group bookings are priced at AU$25 (US$26) per person for a minimum of 20 persons, and one person free of charge per group. Contact groupbookings@vrtp.com.au to book.


Johna Baylon 

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