Mix Picks: Coffee breaks with a twist

For most delegates, the coffee break is already a favourite — if not the most anticipated — portion of a meeting. So why not ramp it up a notch with some creative spins? Here are five unique suggestions.


Available at G Hotel Penang

Nothing spells fun quite like gaming consoles, where delegates can forget they’re in a suit and enjoy a competitive round or two of simulated tennis, golf, boxing, ping pong, bowling, and pool. Offered for free, groups can borrow units depending on the group size and availability of consoles. Additional machines come at no extra charges as well.

Companies including Intel, Dell, and Pfizer have availed of this fun add-on to their coffee breaks, throwing a thumbs-up to their meeting planners.

Cost per head RM65 (US$21) for the Half-day Meeting Package (minimum of 10 persons); RM85 (US$27) for the Full-day Meeting Package (minimum of 10 persons)

Contact g4u@ghotel.com.my or www.ghotel.com.my 


Available at Conrad Bali

Relax and de-stress with a quick yoga session between meetings. Learn basic asanas, coupled with breathing exercises in a simply choreographed sequence, that is sure to prep delegates for that next hour or so of powerpoint presentations and lectures. The class comes with two instructors, one to lead and demonstrate the poses, and another to assist participants, ensuring they conduct exercises safely and keep their body properly aligned.

Classes adapt to the group size and may be held in the conference room, surrounding gardens or by the beach. Conrad Bali’s Jiwa Spa also hosts 17 treatment rooms and private villas for an extra luxurious setting. Companies like Reckitt and Benkiser have availed of this unique meeting feature.

Cost per head US$30, though group discounts are available.

Contact harrytandjung@conradbali.com or www.conradbali.com 


Available at The Venetian Macao

Enjoy a whimsical treat with the Candy Station Coffee Break, a miniature Willy Wonka-esque table setup made sophisticated for the formal conference. Jars of colourful candy — a selection of 20 different types — are spread out where coffee and refreshments are served, giving delegates an eyeful of treats to choose from, from marshmallows to gummy bears.

The range and amount of items in the Candy Station is customisable to preference and group size.

Cost per head HK$120 (US$16), on top of the meeting package

Contact sales@venetian.com.mo or www.venetian.com.mo 


Available at Kempinski Hotel Beijing Lufthansa Center

On a more decadent note, there is the Valrhona Chocolate Indulgence Coffee Break, for a rich treat. Served only in the afternoon, meeting attendees get to enjoy a score of chocolate in various delicious permutations: soft marshmallows, an opera cake, ivory chocolate and raspberry, fondue with fruit kebabs, along with scones with cream cheese and marinated Atlantic salmon.

Available for a minimum group size of 10, maximum of 150. The McCloskey Coal Conference, as well as companies like Stiftung Mercater, have enjoyed this sumptuous meeting add-on.

Cost per head RMB200 (US$32)

Contact meeting.beijing@kempinski.com or www.kempinski-beijing.com  


Available at Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

Savour authentic Arabic coffee in its most authentic setting, a Bedouin camp. Available only upon request, this exquisite treat will have delegates moving over to a traditional tent by the beach, where they will be welcomed by a Bedouin local. There, they get to enjoy kaliva, a brew with some hints of cardamom. Watch it poured into a finjaan, a cup about the size of an espresso shot, from a brass pot called dallah, which resembles a lamp with its long spout. Camels surround the tent for a complete experience.

As this service is not a regular offer, arrangements need to be made with considerations to the meeting schedule, group size, and cost.

Contact florent.commenoz@emiratespalace.ae or www.emiratespalace.ae

Johna Baylon


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