Luxperience teams up with Poken

SYDNEY Luxperience, the upcoming event focused on the luxury experiential travel industry, has teamed up with Poken, the latest technology for wireless and paperless social interaction during shows. Poken has been designed to cut the hassle of collecting business cards, brochures and flyers.

The device is pre-loaded with a participants' business information, as well as their contact and social networking particulars. In turn, they can access fellow exhibitor details by touching their Poken to the pokenTAG, an electronic "sticker" that stores digital documents and multimedia files, saving them from having to lug around materials. Delegates can also exchange information with people they meet by simply touching their gadgets together, triggering an exchange of data between the two devices – the Pokens also glow green during the exchange.

"This is a brand new cutting-edge technology, which will totally transform the way we behave at trade shows, and we are thrilled to be one of the first travel industry events in the region to use it in our inaugural Luxperience in September," said its CEO and co-founder Rosemarie Sama.

"Luxperience is all about building a community of the world's top experiential travel buyers and suppliers, and these slick black devices will really help to facilitate this social interaction and networking in a novel and 'experiential' way."

The Poken uses short-range RFID technology to enable transfers, and stores up to 300 contacts at a time. Once it nears capacity, the owner will receive a warning and will have to download the information into the pokenHUB by simply plugging the device into the USB port. From here, it's very easy to view and sort through the contact list without manual data entry. It also comes with a post-event tracking system that monitors the number of times people access the materials.

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