Lunch on the lake

MYANMAR When it comes to unique and memorable dining options, Myanmar serves up a winning combination on Inle Lake. Groups are surrounded by the beauty of the Shan Hills as they head out across Inle Lake, witnessing the distinctive one-legged rowing techniques of local fishermen, floating houses and those constructed on stilts.

Ideal for groups of 12 people, the location of the lunch is a floating platform surrounded by water hyacinths, where the food is served from traditional boats. Guests arrive at the venue and sit down to a well-laid out dining table, basking in the inspirational views across the lake to the rolling Shan Hills in the distance. The locally sourced food is freshly prepared in a nearby village and carried by boat across the lake, then served at your table.

Richard Moreau, general manager Exotissimo Myanmar, said: “The floating lunch is an unforgettable event for our guests as it provides an unparalleled opportunity to enjoy the serenity of the lake and its traditions from a unique perspective.”


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