Ladies with taste

A culinary concept that has taken off in the region, 'Ladies with Taste' was championed by Jenny Lie Event Management (JLEM) in 2015, winning exclusive rights to the concept in Hong Kong and Macau.

The original idea came to Asia from JLEM general manager Jenny Lie’s native Holland. Waitresses or models prepare and serve foods such as canapés, caviar and oysters from belts worn around their waists.

The service has already been seen at events in Hong Kong such as the FCC Charity Ball and used by clients such as Rabobank, a Dutch bank.

“Beautiful ladies prepare and provide different types of special food in front of each guest,” Lie says. “It’s interactive and proactive. So it looks good, tastes good and it entertains as people mingle at cocktails.”

Lie says JLEM will be promoting the service in Macau and hotels are among the potential clients. Company logos can also be incorporated into the belt and the buckets where the food is kept.

“It’s mostly a catering concept for corporate events because it’s classy, upmarket – but there are also great opportunities for the hotel sector, new hotels and wedding planners,” she says.

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