KLCC goes green with Canon

The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre has partnered with Canon Malaysia’s environmentally sustainable Cartridge Recycling programme, which aims to reconstitute materials from used ink and toner cartridges. Employees and delegates at the centre will be encouraged to deposit used printer cartridges at a drop-off box where they will be collected and dismantled properly for reuse.

The KLCC has in the past been praised for its environmental commitments, nominated an ‘environmental leader’ by AEG Ogden’s sustainability program AEG1EARTH in 2012. The program compares the metrics of environmental impact between 58 venues, and aims to reduce waste and consumption toward accomplishing the group’s 2020 Environmental Vision Goals.

Optimistic about the partnership is KLCC’s general manager Alan Pryor, who cited 45 boxes of cartridges accumulated between January and September this year. He is confident that the new collection point will galvanise employees to recycle more. Canon’s senior manager of Corporate Planning, Cheryl Lim, is hopeful that the collaboration will influence others to take part. “We hope more companies like the Centre will do their bit by collecting and properly disposing of cartridges rather than indiscriminately discarding them to eventually end up in landfills.”

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