ITB China organisers revamp exclusive event

International travel restrictions force hosts to limit invitation-only networking forum in Beijing to China-based industry professionals. Main ITB China Shanghai event due to go ahead in November

ITB China’s new Special Edition in Beijing is being limited to China-based delegates due to continuing cross-border travel doubts – instead, organisers say the main Shanghai event will go ahead in November with a hybrid format.

The special edition of ITB China was due to take place in Beijing in May as an invitation-only networking event with overseas delegates, but it has been postponed to June for industry professionals already based in mainland China.

ITB China Special Edition was announced at the end of 2020 as a complementary event to ITB China 2021 in November in anticipation of China’s international travel market gradually recovering.

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“Reflecting the current market situation, the trade-focused event – ITB China Special Edition – could not fulfil its intended function and thus would not meet the standard of business value that ITB China had committed to deliver to its partners and customers,” said David Axiotis, general manager of ITB China.

“However, the industry’s desire to stay in touch in person continues unabated, and that is exactly what we will be doing in the first half of 2021 by providing a pure networking occasion to meet face-to-face.

“At the same time, backed by the anticipation of a powerful resumption of Chinese cross-border travel shared by all our partners, we are moving ahead on the coming ITB China in November with innovative solutions for our exhibitors, buyers and partners to connect and meet with each other, helping them to shape the new business landscape of the Chinese travel market,” Axiotis said.

The fourth edition of ITB China, billed as the largest B2B exclusive travel trade show in China, and the accompanying ITB China Conference is set for November 24-26 in Shanghai.

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