ICC Sydney directors discuss the future of conventions

At last week’s AIPC Asia Summit in Singapore, directors from the International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney) discussed challenges currently faced by the conventions industry with regard to the new facility that is due to open in December 2016.

ICC Sydney’s CEO Geoff Donaghy and Director of Business Development Veverley Parker attended the open session as expert panellists, discussing ways to enhance business prospects including ways to provide superior facilities and services and target marketing initiatives.

“The major challenges we face include increasing competition, human capital and future-proofing both digital and design assets. For example, traditionally, a world class venue simply had to have luxury formal spaces and quality plenary halls with excellent technology and services support.

“Today, it needs to have informal spaces to facilitate networking, collaboration and innovation. It also needs to have a strong digital backbone that will connect guests and adapt to the rapid changes in technology we are seeing, whilst also delivering an organic connection to its physical environment and city,” he said.

Distance is another challenge for Australia, said Parker, highlighting that effective marketing and government partnerships can help to overcome this. “Awareness of the benefits that major business events bring, and the role of a convention centre in the life of a city, is crucial to success. We believe Sydney is now very well placed to attract business events, as we offer a truly world class venue, in the heart of the city and in close proximity to local knowledge hubs, and have both industry and government support,” she said.

“Bringing to life our not-yet-complete venue with compelling marketing tools and materials, such as interactive maps, animations, advance modelling and renders, has also been a linchpin for success; providing clients with the experience of visiting the centre before it has even been built."

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