Hit the target at Changwon

CHANGWON If time is no object, groups on their second or third visits in South Korea may want to put together a multi-city itinerary to allow delegates to see more of the country outside Seoul.

With the country’s well-connected train network and air links, many of these destinations can be reached within a travel time of just a few hours.

Changwon, the capital of Geongnam Province in the southeast, is one example. It is three hours from Seoul via the high-speed KTX train.

A centre of manufacturing for South Korea’s heavy industries, factory tours related to a group’s interest could be arranged from shipbuilding, machinery, electronics, aviation and more.

On the lighter side, the destination offers a choice of experiences – temple visits, nature treks, historical and cultural interactions, sports and shopping to name a few.

Not to be missed is the Changwon General Shooting Range that Mix discovered on a recent visit. The 101,142 sqm world-class facility was the site for the shooting competitions of the 14th Asian Games in 2002 and it has hosted the several tournaments organised by the International Shooting Sport Federation from 2003 to 2011.

A target shooting session can be arranged at the facility. In the place where seasoned marksmen and women learn how to steady their hands and nerves, groups are shown the proper way to hold a rifle or a pistol and how to hit a stationary and a moving target.

It’s a rare opportunity that not everyone can experience and definitely something unique that an event organiser can add to the group programme.

Meanwhile, groups looking to hold a meeting or conference in another Korean destination can check out Changwon, which has its very own high-tech Changwon Exhibition Convention Center  (www.ceco.co.kr)

Gigi Onag


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