Green meetings workshop set

HONG KONG Various factors are convincing leading companies and associations to ask for green meeting elements to be adapted and incorporated into their events.

“First, there are the trade association whose own constituents are pressuring them for sustainable and socially responsible business, and that permeates the association,” said Eric Ricaurte, principle of Greenview, a consulting firm that promotes sustainability in the hospitality and tourism sector.

He also pointed out that many business event suppliers are taking the green meetings route as they seek to differentiate themselves from the competition.

“Finally, government regulations, either piecemeal or comprehensive, sometimes require ‘green’ in several aspects that relate to meetings,” he added.

“All these have converged to the point where the practices, requests and responses for green meetings are becoming much more mainstream,” Ricaurte told Mix.

Asked about the perception that sustainable events cost more, he replied: “This is case-by-case for every aspect of the event and the profile of the event itself. Some procurement costs more, while reducing paper and energy use certainly saves money.”

Ricaurte also notes that green meetings can bring money in. “Sponsorship can be boosted if strategically and creatively approached.”

As practices are becoming standardised in the conduct of sustainable events and they become more commonplace, it is expected that they will spread in the Asia-Pacific.

“For the leading suppliers and events in Asia, there is a real opportunity to showcase leadership holistically,” Ricaurte said.

On January 29, Ricaurte will conduct a full-day workshop at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre targeted at event planners, venue managers and other private companies.

Dubbed “Green Meetings: From Buzz to Industry Requirement”, the educational seminar will offer participants specific actions on how to conduct a green meeting and where to find the best resources for guidance. It will also provide various standards and points for organising and communicating a green meeting.

Organised by Craft House and Eventique & Co, the workshop is supported by InvestHK, Meetings and Exhibitions Hong Kong and the French Chamber among others.

For registration and more details, email or visit

Gigi Onag


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