Grassland Experience at Shangri-La Huhhot

INNER MONGOLIA Shangri-La Hotel, Huhhot has a Grassland Experience package with the options of 3 days 2 nights or 4 days 3 nights, which includes an overnight stay in a deluxe chariot Mongolian yurt and several activities that offer a taste of Mongolian culture, tradition and landscape.

A diverse region composed of forests, deserts, mountains and grasslands, Huhhot is the capital of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

The Grassland Experience allows hotel guests to take in views of the Gegentala Grassland which is dotted with small lakes replete with cultural activities, such as a Mongolian traditional welcome ceremony, traditional performances, a sumptuous Mongolian dinner and Mongolian wrestling.

The four-day, three-night package includes one more day in Xiangshawan dessert, renowned for its “singing sand gorges” that produce sounds similar to automobiles and airplanes. This exclusive package also introduces outdoor pursuits abound with camel riding, sand skating, sand-sculpture building and evening campfire gathering.

Besides visits to Gegentala and Xiangshawan, included in the itinerary are trips to Qing Dynasty Prince’s Mansion and the Lama Temple. In addition, there are chauffeured trips to two destinations of the client's choice: the Cashmere Market, Muslim Cultural Street, Antique Market, Dazhao Temple or the Zhaojun Tomb.

While the package is developed as a leisure retreat for two people, Jimmy Teo, the hotel’s director of sales and marketing, said the experience can be customised for a small, tightly knit group of 12 people.

Gigi Onag



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