Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur is ready for events business

KUALA LUMPUR Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian capital’s newest luxury hotel, does not intend to compete with the next-door Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre for large meetings. According to its director of sales and marketing Charis Choi, they would rather go after smaller groups of between 450 and 700 guests for sit-down banquets in their grand and junior ballrooms, as well as appeal to companies keen to take over entirely their Residence space.

The events team of the 412-room property that is already accepting reservations for September 1 onwards prefer to host activities with “a feeling of exclusivity”, Choi stressed. “Our grand ballroom isn’t going to be the biggest in town, but has a high ceiling and will be user friendly.”

                          Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur lobby

In a city, whose residents are mad about cars, the ground-level pillarless ballroom (the junior ballroom is on the second floor) has been custom made by designer Bilkey Llinas as the ideal showcase for automobile launches. The star vehicle or vehicles can be driven right off the street and into the facility with no problem. The 6.7m high ceiling is also intended to help create a sensational presentation.

As for the Residence, a meetings product found in several Hyatts around the region including Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, Grand Hyatt Bangkok and Grand Hyatt Taipei among others, Choi said they would encourage clients to book the whole facility to maximise the venues, which include four private rooms with natural light and loft kitchens. “Someone, let say, who would be hosting a high-end jewelry show, could have their guests wander from one room to another in a relaxed environment,” said Choi.

There are also four function rooms, and with the two ballrooms that can be divided into smaller spaces, can accommodate gatherings of 20 to 1,450 participants.

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