Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok’s Tables open to business events

BANGKOK The private rooms of Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok’s traditional European outlet Tables serve not only as exclusive dining enclaves but elegant meeting spaces or product showcase venues as well.

“Cellar” and “Chamber” can accommodate 12 and 32 people respectively, with each equipped with two cooking stations for tableside preparations.


According to hotel general manager Richard Greaves, a conference set up can easily be organised in these rooms, after which a meal arrangement can be quickly laid out. “We want to expand the horizons of our F&B outlets,” he said, explaining the restaurant’s versatility.

Chamber and Cellar have also found favour with distributors of high-end goods such as Pendulum, ELCA (Thailand) Estée Lauder and the Trocadero Group among others who have staged product launches there. Pharmaceutical giant Norvatis has also conducted a planning meeting.


And during Table’s slow periods, adds Greaves, it is possible for a company to take over the entire place. But a longer lead time is needed and for a premium charge.

Grand Hyatt Bangkok has a record for innovation in the Hyatt chain. It was the testing ground for the Residence and Campus meeting concepts, as well as the i.sawan Residential Spa & Club boasting villas in an urban setting.

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Margie T Logarta


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