Forumla One for Phuket?

Thailand’s sport minister has announced that Phuket is currently being considered to host Forumla One races after a bid by Bangkok fell through. The city was initially proposed to host a street race – similar in style to Monaco and Singapore – but the plans were scrapped.  Although, the proposed course reputedly failed to present enough challenges to drivers a new law, which took effect in May, prohibited a car racing event to take place leaving Phuket at the forefront of considerations

If successful, the Phuket race will join the Forumla One calendar as early as 2015. In an interview with the Bangkok Post, Thailand’s sport’s minister, Somask Pureesrisrak said: “Phuket should be an ideal venue which meets our target to promote tourism. We still have time to prepare for the race.”

The race will be the 22nd in the calendar and the latest in an increasing number of Asian locations for the competition. In recent years, Formula One has expanded into the region, with ten races now being held across India, China, Southeast Asia, Japan, Australia and the Middle East. 

Graeme Park


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