Five iPad Applications for Onsite Events

As meetings become more digitised, old school show binders are increasingly being ditched as mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad make it easy for information to be shared and distributed. Apple’s iCloud feature, for one,  centralises all files in an online hard disk, enabling access from any of the user’s mobile gadgets. However, many are still in the dark about the full potential of their funky gizmos, Mix takes a look at a few applications that will add value to any meeting experience:


This note-taking application is an expansive information manager that stores everything from web pages to hand-typed notes, voice recordings to photographs. The material collated can be exported and share easily with colleagues at a click of a button, while Evernote’s unique web clipper function gives the user the ability to save entire web pages with links and images all included. Evernote also has a number of add-ons on Evernote Trunk to further customise and improve the overall experience.

Price: Free



Spefically designed for the tradeshow industry, iLeads is one of the most popular lead retrieval product for event planners. With the application, sales leads can be captured on the floor by entering a badge identification number or by scanning a QR code (must be implemented by event planners themselves). All leads are synchronised to be a secure website and users are able to run real-time lead analysis reports. Planners interested in implementing iLeads into their events can get in contact with Bartizan at the website below.

Price: Free



Probably the most notable application on this list, Skype is pretty underrated as a tool to boost meeting experiences. Its features allow free video calling, group video conferencing, free Skype-to-Skype calls, instant messaging and even calls to landlines. Skype ensures that key personnel are kept in close communication at all times, while also allowing for quick file transfers and group instant messaging discussions. Not everyone “on Skype”? Not a problem with Skype Manager, which lets the user create accounts for colleagues, allocate credit and assign features almost instantly.

Price: Free



The ultimate tool to combat procrastination, this application works like a notepad-cum-organiser. Recent studies have shown that people who write down their goals are 33 per cent more likely to achieve them – something that Protaskinote sets out to achieve. Users can scribble or type down things they want to keep a tab on – these can then be set with a reminder. The interface can also be customised with different themes, adding a personal element to every note one makes.

Price: US$2.99



PC or Mac is the age old debate, but one must agree that no matter what operating system, Microsoft Office (Word, Powerpoint, Excel, etc.) is the most commonly used office editing suite in the world. The problem is, there is almost no way to edit Word or Powerpoint documents on a handheld tablet or smartphone. Alas, enter the Quickoffice Pro HD, which gives the user full access to all Microsoft Office-related files – edit powerpoints, type on word documents, adjust spreadsheets with a simple interface.

Price: US$19.99 

Randall Sim


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