Fighting trim

HONG KONG Real Athletic Workouts (RAW), an independent personal training centre located in the Central business district, has launched its corporate group wellness programme.


"We want to inspire, educate and improve the lives of employees," said RAW director and personal trainer Ross Armour.

He pointed out that participants of physical activity programmes are more productive, have more stamina and are sick less often. "Extensive studies have shown that exercise boosts the staff morale and help them improve reaction time, memory and decision-making ability."

RAW's newly launched corporate group programme has two parts: a corporate health seminar and corporate fitness.

The seminar is presented by the centre's qualified trainers and is tailored to the needs of the participants. Key topics include weight loss myths and truths, healthy eating for busy people, getting results and managing stress.

The second part of the programme involves corporate fitness where a group strength training session will be held in RAW's studio in Central. An alternative to this is a Strongman session held at the Hong Kong Football Club in Happy Valley. A typical class involves carrying heavy implements, flipping giant tyres, pulling sleds and more.

"Both the group strength and Strongman training are great for team building. Benefits seen include the development of working relationships, shared positive experiences, understanding of colleagues' strengths and talents, and a greater awareness of team work," Armour said.

Gigi Onag


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