Expansions underway at KLCC

The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre has announced that work on an extension is underway and due for completion before March 2018, when it will hold the Offshore Technology Conference for the first time in Malaysia.

The expanded area, called Lot 91, will include an office tower, retail space and convention centre with a capacity for over 6,000 delegates. The developments are welcome, with the KLCC showing a nine per cent increase in events between 2013-2014 and this year’s roster due to include the Asean leaders summit in November.

Speaking at Imex Frankfurt, General Manager Alan Pryor said: “As work on the KLCC gathers pace, there will be 2,000 hotel rooms added to the capital, including a St Regis and the world's first Harrods hotel between 2016 and 2018.”

"That is very good news – because as well as the new hotels, we can also talk about the 10,000 sqm convention centre.” 

Pryor added that engineers also had to develop a piling solution that would not disturb an underground aquarium at the KLCC complex.

The centre marks ten years of business this year, hosting 10,408 events and 18.1 million delegates since opening in June 2005.

"The increase in space will host events that will not only gather people but will show that Malaysia is an easy country to do business with. Over the next three years there is a lot of infrastructure development that will happen and a lot of investment coming in," said Pryor.

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