Event curator

Event apps provider GenieConnect’s “next-generation” OmniStream will enable event organisers to curate news feeds and video content while engaging target attendees on a social media level. 

GenieConnect CEO Giles Welch says most organisers will use the activity stream to increase the visibility of their event, but the system’s flexibility also allows corporate clients to control information and create custom streams for core clients. 

“We felt that if organisers could more carefully curate their activity stream content, they could drive debate that would engage a much broader range of attendees,” says Welch.

OmniStream can be used to create a social media “wall” that projects feeds onto a large screen and encourage attendee participation, but without the need to bring in a specialist provider. It also allows organisers to pepper their activity stream with a wide range of content: event activities, user-generated comment about the event, news sources via RSS feeds and Youtube. It supports all the major social media platforms such as Twitter, Sina Weibo and Facebook, as well as photo sharing apps and corporate platforms like Yammer. GenieConnect started up in 2010 and has provided digital solutions for more than 1,500 events around the world. 

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