Dining for a cause

PHNON PENH Exotissimo Cambodia has a dining for a cause experience the combined local cuisine and an advocacy to help street children off the streets. The unlikely pairing come about as several restaurants in the country have started training these children in the fundamentals of food and hospitality as a way to help them out of poverty.

While in the Cambodian capital, groups can enjoy a meal at Romdeng, a restored colonial era structure  with gardents and serves traditional Khmer fares. Here, the Mith Samianh Friends NGO umbrella teaches their wards the art of service. Another dining establishment, Le Lotus Blancsimilar skills to out-of-school youth in the hope that the lessons learned during their training will be useful once they start working on their own.

"These restaurants and establishments do more than just serve food. They add another dimension to travel, offering guests the opportunity to not only sample Kmer cuisine, but to also assist in Cambodia's future development," said Olivier Marchesin, general manager, Exotissimo Cambodia.

Exotissimo has several Cambodia itineraries to choose from. One of them is the Cambodia Charitable Tour where travellers can engage in responsible travel while also enjoying the country's ancient temples in Siem Reap and the riversid town of Battambang, home to some of the best-preserved French-era structures.

"Sala Bai in Siem Reap is not only a hotel, but it also houses a restaurant and a vocational school that teaches children essential skills for their adult work life," said Marchesin.


Gigi Onag


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