Different Kinds of Fun

Do entertainment options always have to involve lounge singers gracing the stage at company events, or music performances for delegates? Here’s a look at some exciting alternative options that will really make it a night to remember.


Entertainment Act: Devdan: Treasure of the Archipelago

Venue: Bali Nusa Dua Theatre

Group Size: 700

What makes it special: Bali is known for its unique and entertaining performing arts platform. The high-octane Devdan Show is a new stage performance “spectacular” featuring a fusion of traditional Indonesian dance activities with modern contemporary dance, as well as world-class aerial acrobatics and dazzling costumes. First, a traditional Kecak dance engulfs the stage village in fire, chaos and men armed with fiery whips. The act then shifts to water, with torrential rain pouring down on the village and performers floating on a raft across a “grand lake”. Using life-size puppets and high-tech special effects, graceful aerial performances and fierce battles between warriors, the show is a depiction of art and life in Indonesia that will keep delegates enthralled for the whole 90 minutes.

Contact: info@balinusaduatheatre.comwww.devdanshow.com


Entertainment act: F1 Corporate, Singapore Grand Prix

Venue: Singapore

Group size: 90 guests or more

What makes it special: Those looking for an exclusive and lavish form of entertainment should try the corporate hospitality programme during the Singapore F1 Grand Prix 2012. Companies can book an F1 Paddock Club three-day package.

Your group will be able to view the action of the night race from the Pit Building, with direct views into the pit and of the finish line. Subject to availability, corporate guests will have access to the dedicated grandstand for a more close-up view of the track and the race. Also, they will be given access to the Pit Lane Walk for a glimpse into the F1 teams’ garages, as well as the Paddock Club Lifestyle Area for live entertainment, bars and a spa. Some of the many entertainment highlights for the Singapore Grand Prix in 2012 include performances by Rick Astley and Linkin Park. After watching the race, your group can move the action to the dance floor with evening entertainment at the high-profile F1 Amber Lounge Party.

Contact: hospitality@singaporegp.sgwww.singaporegp.sg


Entertainment act: Drum Beats Australia

Venue: Flames of the Forest, Port Douglas, Australia

Group size: 350

What makes it special: More than just a wall of sound produced by the beating of a drum, the events by Drum Beats tap into the rich tradition of using rhythm and music as a primary tool of communication. There are myriad drumming performances available, from African or Arabian Nights to Stomp, Gaia, Bollywood, 1970s dance and even a Polynesian theme.

When Drum Beats held the Gaia Show in Port Douglas, the event proved to be an exotic experience for delegates. Greek mythology tells the story of “Gaia” or “Mother Earth”, while today the term is used to represent Earth’s ecological and physical components as a single organism. The audience was taken on a journey of the senses, and 
they were shown how the drum can be the “heartbeat” of an ancient temple or the centrepiece of a gypsy gathering, equally at home in 
an opera theatre, at an Oriental feast or an African celebration – essentially the heart of all living things. Another event is the high-octane Shanghai Stomp!, where delegates experience a rhythmic journey as performers create funky tunes and experiment with everyday objects like junk and everyday clutter to produce a novel drumming experience.

Contact: enquiries@drumbeats.com.auwww.drumbeats.com.au


Entertainment act: Brad Blaze’s speed painting

Venue: Five-star hotels

Group size: 200 to 1,000 

What makes it special: If you’re looking for an event that will literally bring your delegates to the edge of their seats, consider Brad Blaze’s speed painting. More than just a speed painting display, Blaze combines audience participation and magical illusions during his performance. Taking things up a notch, Blaze might also set his canvas on fire to reveal a company’s logo.

Delegates get involved on stage in comedic fashion by mimicking Elvis dance moves and answering trivia on famous people, while Blaze works on the painting simultaneously, producing the finished artwork in less than five minutes. A winner of the Entertainer of the Year prize at the Australian Event Awards, some of Blaze’s portraits at events last year included Michael Jackson on a 2.5-metre canvas, Barack Obama, Jackie Chan and Tiger Woods. In addition, shows can be customised for each and every client. During a performance for BMW, the speed painter created images of the company’s new Z4 from different angles in just minutes, after which the trademark BMW logo was revealed in a flash of flames.

Previous clients: BMW, Hewlett Packard Asia, Daikin Asia 

Contact: info@speedpainter.comwww.bradblaze.com.au



Entertainment act: Universal Studios Singapore (USS) corporate entertainment

Venue: Universal Studios Singapore

Group size: 1,300 delegates

What makes it special: Sometimes, the most fun is experienced after hours, and for Digital Solutions Cooperative that was certainly the case in August 2011. Universal Studios Singapore (USS) shortened park hours for the public, and the event came alive as night fell in. A classic line-up of USS characters like Frankenstein, Betty Boop, Marilyn Monroe and Charlie Chaplin were there to meet and greet delegates, and the celebrations began as delegates partied away to the signature Madagascar Boogie Dance with the mascots, as well as a street-side performance of B-boy group Rockafellas, who performed right in front of the Rockefeller Centre in USS’s New York street. To top off a fun-filled night at the park, the Lake Hollywood Spectacular, a dynamic pyrotechnics performance, left spectators dazzled.

Client: Digital Solutions Cooperative

Contact:  enquiries@rwsentosa.comwww.rwsentosa.com


Entertainment act: MISO, Korean Musical

Venue: Chongdong Theatre, Seoul, South Korea

Group size: 200 or more

What makes it special: Learning about another culture through a musical can be a fascinating form of entertainment. MISO is the first original Korean musical. It is based on a classical love story, The Tale of Chunhyang, which is set in the time of the Chosun Dynasty. The cast includes 80 actors and actresses, 37 dancers, 21 instrumentalists and 13 Samulnori (traditional Korean percussion instruments) players. The show can go on the road for corporate entertainment. An exclusive gala performance consisting of choice excerpts from the musical can be arranged for a private function.

Contact: yuyu@chongdong.comhttp://miso.chongdong.com


Entertainment act: Hollywood Heroes

Venue: Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, Western Australia

Group size: 200 to 500

What makes it special: Hollywood Heroes is an action show featuring “Errol Fling” and “Antonio Bandanas” as your guides on a sword-swinging adventure that re-enacts classic scenes from some of the greatest Hollywood films. In a 30-minute scripted show that involves intricate choreography, delegates witness a medley of scenes from The Princess Bride, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars, The Mask of Zorro and The Three Musketeers. Armed with real swords, the performers heat up the action on stage in a flurry of flashing blades. One of the main characters of the show is Captain Jack Sparrow impersonator Michael Elezovich, who adds an element of comedy as the hapless but hilarious skipper of the Black Pearl. After the show, guests are invited to take part in a 45- to 60-minute workshop for a chance to hone their swordplay skills. The workshop is open to approximately 20 (of the bravest) guests, with basic stage sword-fighting skills taught in a fun environment.

Contact: info@bigskyentertainment.com.auwww.bigskyentertainment.com.au


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