Defying gravity

HONG KONG  Ever since the stunning air acrobatics at the closing ceremony of the Torino 2006 Olympic Games, interest in body flying simulators has sky rocketed. While immense interest has followed, the lack of accessibility to equipment is still a major obstacle for many around the world – something that Aerodium is hoping to solve.

Latvia-based Aerodium, one of the exhibitors at the ongoing Asian Attractions Expo 2012 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, invented the world’s first vertical wind tunnel in 1979. For corporate events eyeing an indoor skydiving experience to add a dash of spectacle to their programme, Aerodium can ship its equipment anywhere in the world – as long as there is sufficient land that is even.

The company had been commissioned to provide its services for big mega events such as the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai representing Latvia and at Mexico’s 200 years of independence celebrations. Aerodium is targeting to get its services to corporate events sector, according  Egils Dancis, sales and product marketing executive for Aerodium Technologies. As such, a lot of research has been done to raise safety standards and create an environment in which practically anyone can fly.

Aerodium has a range vertical wind tunnel models, each provides a unique experience: the Mobile Open is a versatile structure that can be moved almost anywhere; the Open offers an exciting open-air flying experience; the Hybrid is a combination of open-air flying and wall-to-wall workouts for skydivers; the Wall-To-Wall is a specially designed tunnel for professional and military training purposes and the Re-Circulation, which is a compact model for indoor purposes. Watch brief introduction videos for the Re-Circulation and Mobile Open models here.

Randall Sim


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