CSR takes centre stage at Catalyst conference

International teambuilding operators from more than 40 countries will attend the Catalyst Global Conference 2020 Vision from October 29-31 at the Anantara Riverside Resort in Bangkok.

Held every two years, this year's conference will focus on corporate social responsibility, and will feature special guest Paul Dunn of B1Give1 – a non-profit that helps small to medium-scale businesses incorporate charitable activities into everyday transactions.

A regular speaker at TEDx conferences, Dunn comes from a background in marketing and IT, as part of the start-up team for Australia’s Hewlett Packard team. Dunn joined the organisation in 2007 and now serves as chairman.

A range of new products will be introduced this year, including digital and tablet-based activities and collaborative problem-solving games. A networking forum will also focus on the industry’s growth strategy towards the year 2020. 

Leaders in corporate teambuilding, Catalyst was established 25 years ago in the UK and now operates with 32 companies internationally.

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