Convenient communication

GLOBAL Coordinating with your team during an event onsite has just gotten easier.  

Motorola Solutions has unveiled a new digital two-way radio that enhances communication during exhibitions and events and streamlines planning procedures. The Mototrbo SL Series is not only thin, light and highly portable, but also has several innovative built-in features that make it more efficient. These include an “Intelligent Audio” facility that detects background noise and automatically adjusts the volume accordingly, and a Bluetooth facility allowing users to connect Bluetooth audio accessories or wirelessly transfer data between the radio and other gadgets. The radio also operates several applications – including text messaging, telephone interconnect and email gateways – that permit it to serve more purposes than simple point-to-point voice communications.  

Another application that can be used on this radio is the work order ticket management, which can send out tasks and track when each task is completed, enabling a transparent and easy workflow.


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