Certain launches Match2Connect

UNITED STATES Certain, an innovative event management company, will launch a new module of its event technology platform – Match2Connect, a fully-integrated one-to-one appointment matching system on July 2.

Match2Connect, available globally as a part of Certain's strategic meeting management service, is powered by a unique algorithm-based engine and helps to facilitate the management of meeting programs of any size.

The software uses a qualification system, which is complemented by filters, to narrow down preference selection. This strengthens the quality of arranged appointments between event participants and increases the amount of event productivity.

Schedules of these set appointments are also swiftly sent out after that – through Certain Mobile, email and printed PDFs, saving planners from wasting additional resources and valuable time.

A key selling point of Match2Connect is its versatility – it caters to all kinds of events from huge trade shows to smaller user group meetings. For interested parties, click here.


Randall Sim


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