Business as usual

HONG KONG Amidst the current turmoil in Greece, the country's business events sector is seen as a beacon of hope for the economy.

Whatever the outcome of its battle to stay in the Eurozone, life goes on as normal. At the 26th ITE Expo in Hong Kong last week, an official from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Greek National Tourism Organisation said the economic upheaval does not directly affect the standards of hotel and resort facilities, service or the rich culture of Greece.

The country is an attractive incentive destination, with its stunning historical landmarks a favourite among many corporate groups looking for a unique yet relaxing experience. The slowing economy will likely affect the local corporate events, if it has not already. What remains to be seen is the quantity – and quality – of overseas companies making their way to the country.

Many expect an imminent exit from the Eurozone and the following transition back to the drachma currency will make the Greece a cost-friendly destination, with foreign groups being able to stretch their spending power.

Greece has already streamlined its travel process last year, with visas now take only days to be approved, while there are plans to put more priority on high-end tourism like yachting and island experiences.

Randall Sim


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