Blast from the past

HONG KONG Nostalgia is the unique selling point of Ocean Park Hong Kong’s latest attraction, “Old Hong Kong”. From cuisine to novelty souvenirs, a bygone era has been faithfully re-created to charm corporate groups and other visitors to one of the city’s most frequented destinations.

A highlight is a food precinct featuring 70 types of street-stall delicacies, including a special package, the “Feast of the Nine Bowls”, which was popular from the 1950s to the 1970s. The famous Kee Wah Bakery has even opened up a gift shop, reminiscent of its original Shanghai outlet in the 1940s, offering classic baked goods and snacks. Joseph Leung, the park’s executive director of revenue, said: “With the launch of Old Hong Kong, guests will be able to sample street food – cart noodles, siu mai, fish balls and Chinese herbal tea – all in one location. We also use the traditional ‘rooster bowls’ and old-style herbal tea boilers for enhanced authenticity. And the historic ambience will enrich the overall dining experience.”

To remember their visit, guests can choose from a range of useful items such as vintage calendar memo books, phone straps with Oriental icons and bags in the shape of a thermos flask.


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