Big 4 to join show’s ‘dress-down’

ICCA, IMEX, PCMA, and SITE partner with IT&CMA and CTW Asia-Pacific’s new knowledge session at Bangkok event

IT&CMA and CTW Asia-Pacific is partnering with  ICCA, IMEX, PCMA, and SITE – four of the industry’s biggest associations and trendsetters to debut the show’s learning festival, DDFI (Dress Down for Inspiration).

DDFI is due to form the festive-like knowledge segment of the three-day double-bill event and features four parallel themes close to the hearts of industry professionals, each helmed by one of its content partners.

Themes will run concurrently over three hours across different locations at Bangkok Convention Centre on September 22.

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The sessions are open to all delegates and feature interactive workshop-style sessions centred on a variety of curated case studies and inspiring stories by personalities and brands passionate about Community and Sustainability; Innovation and Enterprise; Professional Advancement and Wellbeing; and Mentorship and Future Leaders.

Organisers and content partners are also exploring additional pre- and/or post-event excursions to local business featured in these sessions to deepen the learning experience at DDFI.

Attendees are invited to ditch their corporate wear for smart casual to enjoy a thematic, interactive and unrestricted inspiring learning experience.

Interested in attending IT&CMA and CTW Asia-Pacific? Meetings and incentive buyers can go here – association buyers follow this link – and corporate buyers go here.

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