ATPI Group forges ahead with travel security partnership

Travel management firm ATPI Group has expanded its partnership with travel security company International SOS.

The new deal will enable ATPI to “better prepare” business travellers before and during their trips. The TMC said it can provide a direct feed of passengers’ data into the International SOS system.

The information enables an integrated data flow, offering medical advice and assistance, international healthcare, security services and online travel risk mitigation solutions. 

Travellers will also have access to the communications portal for health and travel risk information, as well as risk awareness eLearning programmes ahead of their trip.

Further services now available to ATPI’s clients include access to the International SOS global network of medical and travel safety services.

ATPI Group CEO Graham Ramsey said: “Recent incidents and health crises around the world have proven that emergency situations can happen in any global location, not just in the destinations previously deemed as ‘high-risk’. 

Our customers require a strong duty of care programme in place for their businesses, whatever their area of operation. There is a growing requirement to be able to track travellers and ensure that they are returned home safely during a crisis. For many this is no longer a nice-to-have but an absolute necessity for travel buyers.”

The announcement comes at a time when Asian travel managers are looking for extra security measures and access to insurance in the face of outbreaks in the region such as MERS.

Last March, new management was announced for the Asian branch of ATPI Group, which sees Richard Savva, CEO of the newly acquired TMC, Voyager for Australia, leading the region as managing director across the Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Australia. 

Tom Newcombe and Marisa Cannon

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