Sarawak backing ICCA’s legacy masterclass

BESarawak named as grant contributor to ICCA’s first Association Impact Masterclass in move that strengthen Malayasia-Borneo state’s leading position in encouraging business events to leave positive impact on communities

BUSINESS EVENTS SARAWAK has been selected by congress-organiser association ICCA as the exclusive backer a new educational certificate on creating lasting legacies for destinations where conferences are held.

ICCA announced at its 62nd Congress in Bangkok that BESarawak as the Seed Grant Contributor for its first legacy-impact certification programme   the Association Impact Masterclass.

The Malaysian state of Sarawak on Borneo island is a world leader in ensuring conferences and other business events leave a positive legacy for the community whether in the form of education, sustainability or helping with economic development. 

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“ICCA is very excited to have Sarawak on board as the destination exemplifies greatness in developing legacy impact, setting a remarkable standard as role models. Their dedication and achievements in leaving a lasting and positive imprint serve as an inspiration for others,” said Senthil Gopinath, the association’s chief executive.

 “Sarawak’s collaboration with ICCA on the upcoming Association Impact Masterclass is a testament to their leadership and vision in making a meaningful difference for individuals and communities,” Gopinath said.

The Association Impact Masterclass is co-created by ICCA, consultancy GainingEdge and Meet4Impact, a non-profit organisation working to encourage economies to view conferences as more than generators of tourism industry revenue.

ICCA wants to “elevate business events standards and make it inclusive for everyone, from juniors to leaders, to become world-class professionals”.

Professional training provided in the masterclass will align with the ICCASkills Certification to empower participants to make the most of opportunities in the business events industry.

Hii Chang Kee, Deputy State Secretary of Sarawak and deputy chairman of BESarawak said following the ICCA announcement in Bangkok: “The Sarawak Government envisions Sarawak as the Legacy Capital of business events in Malaysia and Borneo. We see the importance of business events and its legacy in materialising our 10-year policy, the Post Covid-19 Development Strategy 2030 [PCDS 2030].”

Amelia Roziman, CEO of BESarawak added “Being the exclusive contributor will definitely help us to position Sarawak better. However, what is important is growing the human capital with highly qualified legacy impact association members. 

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“ICCA has been supporting our efforts to change the narrative of business events for the past six years. Our long-term collaboration is with associations who are vital stakeholders with a pivotal role in developing our key economic sectors in PCDS 2030,” Roziman said.

BESarawak said more details on the Association Impact Masterclass would be revealed at IBTM World in Barcelona this month.

Main picture… From left: Amelia Roziman (CEO, BESarawak), Hii Chang Kee (Deputy State Secretary of Sarawak, Deputy Chairman of BESarawak), Marta Gomes (President, ICCA) and Senthil Gopinath (CEO, ICCA) at the 62nd ICCA Congress in Bangkok

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