Amex Meetings & Events launches pharma events app

American Express Meetings & Events has launched a new app, HCP Mobile Connect, aimed at helping pharmaceutical companies meet compliance regulations when hosting Healthcare Providers (HCP) at events.

Powered by event app creator Doubledutch, the app allows organisers to log attendance electronically along with providing customisation for events that need different language capabilities.

“Pharmaceutical companies are facing increasingly complex obligations from a regulatory and compliance perspective, both within the US and internationally,” said senior vice president and general manager of American Express Meetings & Events Issa Jouaneh.

“The healthcare industry involves thousands of meetings every year, all over the world, and they vary in size from large conferences, to mini-events such as lunches and dinners. With this in mind, an app such as HCP Mobile Connect, which provides transparency on attendance records, will deliver value to its users, who are required to keep track of this information in order to remain compliant.” 

HCP Mobile Connect is available for download on all smart phones and for all American Express Meetings & Events pharmaceutical customers. 

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