A picnic at Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens

Some 120 top sellers of Jeunesse Taiwan enjoyed a carefree afternoon at the Royal Botanic Gardens as an introduction to Sydney, courtesy of a welcome picnic catered by the Trippas White Group (www.trippaswhitegroup.com.au). This company operates a number of Australia’s top dining venues.

The Sydney Tower Dining team, part of Trippas White Group, put together an “Asian/Aussie” afternoon tea specifically designed to accommodate the multinational tastes of delegates from countries, such as China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Vietnam.

“The client requested that we provide some hot food at the picnic,” recalls Jay Yip, international sales manager, Trippas White Group. “Despite the fact that the Trust prohibited any open flame (cooking), and there was no electricity, the team worked meticulously to cook food at the Botanic Gardens Restaurant and serve in time for the arrival of the delegates at Lawn 29.”

Melchers Travel Taiwan, which organised the six-day incentive programme, wanted an activity that was a departure from the standard sightseeing experience kicking off a group itinerary.

“The idea was that we wanted to showcase what Sydney truly is to our guests,” says Sandy Liu of Melchers Travel Taiwan. “We wanted them to see what Sydney is famous for – the pristine nature – and there is no better place to be than in the botanic gardens where we have iconic views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House.”

Rain was forecast on the day of the event and the Sky Venue at the Sydney Tower was standing by as a contingency. Fortunately, the weather cooperated and the outing went ahead as planned.

Immaculately set tables laden with dishes to satisfy diverse palates greeted the group upon arrival. There was an array of savoury scones, a variety of wraps from ham and cheese, vegetarian to tandoori chicken, fruit skewers, gluten-free orange and almond gateau with ricotta cream as well as hot chicken nuggets, baked pork buns and vegetarian spring rolls.

For entertainment, a magician strolled around the venue, while a trivia quiz on the Australian pop scene was conducted among the delegates, who surprised the hosts with their wide knowledge of local culture.

The two-hour event was a great way for the Jeunesse Taiwan group to soak up the unique Sydney scenery. And with Australia’s affinity with the outdoors, a picnic was a fitting start to the incentive programme.


EVENT Welcome to Sydney picnic for Jeunesse Taiwan

VENUE Lawn 29, royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney

DATE March 26, 2012


ORGANISERS Melchers Taiwan, CNS Travel and Trippas White Group

Gigi Onag


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