2 million visitors at Korean MICE and arts festival

The first edition of C-Festival, the international MICE and arts festival, came to a close at Coex, Seoul on May 10 with a total 2,350,000 visitors over the festival’s 11 days.

The festival reportedly brought in US$230 billion of domestic revenue, with venues such as the Coex Seven Luck Casino seeing a 40 per cent increase in custom over the period.

Organised by a consortia of hotels, shopping malls and venues known as Coex’s MICE Cluster, the C-Festival attracted international groups over a public holiday that coincided between China, Japan and Korea. Asiamania was a core part of the festival, offering exhibits in technology, dance, art and film.

CEO of Coex Bo-Kyung Byun said: “Coex will aim to expand the festival continuously with more contents so that the WTC Seoul Complex can be positioned as the centre of the MICE Industry while being a must-visit landmark.”

C-Festival will take place between May 5-8, 2016 at the World Trade Center Seoul Complex. 

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