Grand Hyatt’s operatic high note, flower power at Langham Place and Skal

2015 is going to bring much change for us here at MIX, and you’ll be seeing the new look and features of our print magazine and digital output from February.

Meanwhile, in the closing weeks of the year we are experiencing and interesting vibe at parties being held by hotels, venues and service suppliers. MIX missed seeing some of the gregarious characters from the event agencies at seasonal social events – but their absence was due to a good reason: they were busy at what they do best, organising events.

It was good to see, however, Jenny Lie Event Management put aside time to take its staff on a 10th anniversary celebration to Hanoi. If you like to see your canapés prepared right in front of you, instead of proffered on a tray, then check out Ladies With Taste.

On the topic of ways of lifting the party spirit, the WRG outfit in Hong Kong had heads titling upwards at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong’s 25th anniversary. There can be few more creative ways of adding zest to a reception by having a hotel lobby transformed into an opera house. Kudos to WRG Creative Agency too.

Langham Place Hong Kong and the local chapter of Skal drew upon the music of the ’60s and ’70s with Langham’s Flower Power party. That rockbed of the hospitality industry – Skal – threw a Swinging Xmas lunch with tables named after rock legends and I for one was surprised to come across such a gentrified Led Zeppelin table.

Tidings of the season and a Happy New Year for 2015.

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