Fruits of the Imagination

Thailand offers companies endless possibilities for unique and memorable events and incentive trips so it is impossible to run out of things to do. Here lies the challenge and what separates standard tour operators from destination management companies.

As DMCs, we have the responsibility of creating something that is truly unique for incentive groups.

One of my regular clients would always say: “Create a highlight activity that the group – if they were to travel individually – would not be able to do on their own.” 

And we have to be up to this task. Corporate clients no longer want something that can be pulled out from the shelf, but something that is tailor-made specifically for them. 

Organising an event in Thailand has never been as easy as it is now.

Hotel choices cut across a wide spectrum from international chains, boutique hotels and local chains – each with its own feel that can serve a particular theme.

While restaurants and other standard venues abound, Thailand has growing options of unique locations for companies wanting to go a step further and create an extraordinary experience.  Why not go to any of these unique places: temples, Thai traditional houses, museums, the jungle, or the beach? You could even book a private island for your group dinner or dine at the Palace.

On the ground, there are numerous opportunities to be creative. Tuktuks, trishaws and local buses could come into play when transporting guests to a dinner venue.

With the increased frequency of domestic flights from several local carriers, it is so much easier to hold an event outside the capital. A multi-city incentive programme is not unheard of and definitely an option for a more rounded Thai experience.

A cultural trip up north is always an experience to remember. Pristine white beaches beckon in the southern part of Thailand from the popular Phuket to Samui,  Krabi or Khao Lak or even the upcoming Koh Chang or Koh Krud (a new beach destination on the Gulf of Thailand).  If you’re seeking something new, there is Khao Yai National Park, recently declared a Unesco World Heritage site .

International visitors always look forward to some shopping time for local treats and souvenirs. And even for us Thais, Chatuchak still amazes – a mecca of local Thai handicrafts, and a place that is almost always on the itinerary even in very hot weather. A trip to this popular market is an experience in itself.

For a bit of pampering amidst all the hectic travelling, an incentive programme is not complete without some tranquil activities such as yoga, Pilates and a relaxing spa. And Thailand is just brimming with choices.

Destinations like Thailand give DMCs a wide palette  for memorable events. But remember, unique events are created from the fruits of your imagination.


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