Battersea Power Station Malaysia Square Launch

The objective of this event was to launch a special public square in the luxury redevelopment project of Battersea Power Station, which was built in the 1930s but has lain dormant since 1983 after a series of failed attempts to redevelop it. Known as Malaysia Square, the public space was unveiled by the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak and London Mayor Boris Johnson on a visit to the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur.

The new owners, a consortium of three of Malaysia’s biggest companies, SP Setia, Sime Darby, and the Employee’s Provident Fund, paid £400m to buy the power station after it was placed into administration by lenders when the previous Irish owner ran into financial difficulties. We became their Event Agency in Malaysia for all their local events back in 2013.

The event achieved the desired effect the client so envisioned and this was proven when Mayor Boris Johnson mouthed “WOW” during the crescendo of the launch gambit. This was quickly picked up by BBC too, as they were present to cover this event and it came out in the news in the UK the very next day with video footage from the event too.

The 3D chimneys and stage build up also created the WOW factor the clients wanted, as they pulled no stops to impress all in attendance in that short 30 minutes.

The marching band was a great touch at the start and sure drew the correct amount of attention, all dressed in their Malay regalia while playing a Scottish tune.

The budget allowed us to create a setting that was simply state-of-the-art, utilizing intelligent lighting to create a truly spectacular showcase, coupled with carefully chosen music to accompany every single cue, while keeping the event very British.

Even the British High Commission guests in attendance said the event was so grand beyond their expectations and that we truly portrayed London/UK in a really great light. Our clients were overjoyed with the outcome of this short but impactful event and their testimonial summarizes how they felt about our role in this prestigious event. 

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