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Urban Legends

1st April 2010

Museum peace National Museum, Singapore What is it? The National Museum of Singapore offers a variety of function spaces and... Read More

High Tee

1st April 2010

Golf is one of Asia’s most popular sports among the business community. The opportunity to network and make deals on... Read More

Beyond City Limits

1st February 2010

Treasure island Nikoi Island, Indonesia Why is it special? Off the shores of bustling Singapore lies the tranquil island of... Read More

Culture Club

1st December 2009

Village people Bulau Bulau Aboriginal Village, Yilan County, Taiwan WHY IS IT SPECIAL? The Atayal are the second-largest indigenous group... Read More

Arts & Minds

1st December 2009

Few places have made as much effort to overturn stereotypes about their city as Singapore. Once regarded as an island... Read More

Menu for Success

1st December 2009

Each year, McDonald’s Thailand brings together its key managers from outlets around the country with staff from the company’s Bangkok-based... Read More

Cold Play

1st October 2009

Call of the wild Iditarod Sled Race, Alaska, US WHY IS IT SPECIAL? The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race covers... Read More

Coca-Cola Can Do

1st October 2009

Coca-Cola is one of the world’s truly global brands and its iconic bottles and cans are instantly recognisable just about... Read More

Wet and Wild

2nd August 2009

Meet on the Yangtze Yangtze river, China Why is it special? As the longest river in Asia, the mighty Yangtze... Read More

Heineken – Champion Test

1st August 2009

One of the challenges for alcohol brands is that many countries put restrictions or even outright bans on advertising the... Read More