Seoul sets sights on CES-style show

Korean capital’s convention bureau offers organisers strategy based on hybrid events and business coming back this year. Seoul wants expo organisers to emulate Vegas electronics show

SEOUL Convention Bureau has set its sights on creating a “global standard” with a recovery strategy based on hybrid-event formats and a goal or creating an event to match the famous Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The strategy involving safety measures ethnology and subsidies for organisers is linked to the bureau’s Reassuring Package and based on business resuming this year, according to Seoul Convention Bureau.

“Strategic long-term plans were introduced to transform the industry into a hybrid model, a global standard to-be in the post-Covid era,” a spokesman for the bureau said in a statement.

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“Such efforts are made to better ensure the safety of both the ‘face-to-face’ and ‘screen-to-screen’ business interactions and provide the most quality environment for a supreme hybrid event.

“The cutting-edge meeting technology based on powerful ICT of the city remains a key player, along with the existing quarantine countermeasures for on-site events.”

Seoul’s strategy involves:

The Reassuring Package
Designed to build an effective safeguard for MICE participants when “business resumes within the year”,  vital services to ensure a safe stay for delegates under the package include emergency medical insurance, translation services, concierge services for hotels and transport reservations.

Virtual Seoul platform
Financial support is available for hybrid event organisers. The Virtual Seoul platform not only offers 3D graphics offered at no extra charge, but up 10 million won (aboiut US$8,880) for operating expenses.

Easier bidding process
Application requirements have been eased so event planners can receive the appropriate support when hosting an international conference. Customised support at the bidding phase include thorough consultation, official supporting letters, presentation tips and a maximum of 200 million won during the hosting phase.

Zero-contact events
Exhibitions and fairs will speed up the use of hybrid and zero-contact means under plans to develop an international exhibition comparable to the annual CES in Las Vegas.

A total of 34 exhibition organisers have been selected for each stage and provided with support of up to KRW 80 million. Consulting services in international marketing and IT technology are helping organisers respond to the increasing demand for hybrid events.

Korea Exhibition Organisers Association
An online platform is being developed in cooperation with the Korea Exhibition Organisers Association to relieve some of the burden that comes with creating online platforms.

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