Whimsical lunch meetings at The Luxe Manor

HONG KONG Corporate groups intent on taking lunch meetings to another level will want to look into g.e. restaurant at The Luxe Manor on Kimberly Road.  


The restaurant dubbed "g.e." stands for gastronomy extra | ordinaire. It houses three private dining rooms each designed with a whiff of whimsy.

“White” is furnished with gold-coloured curtains along the walls, a long glass table, crystal ware and silver accents. It is arranged in a boardroom setup, seating a maximum of 18 persons.


“Black”, on the other hand, has a dark yet elegant feel. Walls are lined with candles and mirrors, and a table centrepiece features melted wax with new candlesticks standing upright. The room also has a small window behind heavy black curtains through which guests can watch Chef Bonelli and his team at work in the kitchen.


The third room, “Eden,” is girlishly decorated with a green carpet, floral patterned chairs, and walls and ceilings dangling with faux blossoms. The round table in the dining area seats six, while the adjacent, lounge-like space is furnished with sofas and a coffee table.

Its main dining room can also be booked for private meetings, seating up to 12 people. The room is curiously designed with a clock that ticks backwards – the idea is for diners to get lost in time, and forget the rest of the world’s rush. 

The main dining room

The restaurant features a progressive dining menu – that is, a food selection that is always changing, as with the seasons. Chef Bonelli who leads q.e.'s culinary team used to work at three-Michelin-star restaurants Don Alfonso in Italy, Le Calandre at Padova in Spain and The Fat Duck in Bray.

g.e. is accessible through DaDa Bar + Lounge, which can also be booked for private events. The lounge is fitted with a small stage for live entertainment and designed with dim lighting, elaborate wall patterns and a low ceiling installed with glass chandeliers. The intimate venue may be borrowed for events, accommodating 70 to 100 people.

There is also FINDS Nordic restaurant on the first floor for groups of 100 to 250, best for formal lunch and dinner gatherings. Meanwhile, Function Rooms 1 and 2 on the basement level has room enough for groups of 12 to 40, and up to 80 when combined. The space can be arranged in theatre- and classroom-styles.

For more information, visit www.theluxemanor.com

Johna Baylon


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