Grizzly Gulch to open in Hong Kong Disneyland

HONG KONG Companies looking for new venues in Hong Kong Disneyland for their next event can check out Grizzly Gulch, a themed area set to open on Saturday, July 14. The new attraction is part of the theme park’s US$460 million expansion plan.

It promises exciting and immersive event-staging opportunities, allowing Hong Kong Disneyland to inject a Wild West theme to corporate events. The area is available for exclusive hire and can be booked on its own or together with other attractions in the theme park.

                                      Grizzly Gulch Mountain

Grizzly Gulch is designed as a frontier mining town during a gold rush circa 1888.

It features a thrilling 24-seat multidirectional, terrain-style coaster ride, called Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars, that criss-crosses the varied landscape of the new attraction. Adding to the fun is the danger of being thrown off course by explosions triggered by a mischievous family of grizzlies.

                        Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars

Enhancing the Grizzly Gulch experience are powerful geysers that erupt unexpectedly and unique street music performances during the Grizzly Gulch Welcome Wagon Show.

                           Grizzly Gulch Welcome  Wagon Show

There are ample dining and retail areas such as The Lucky Nugget Saloon and a souvenir shop called Bear Necessities. There are also photographic spots where guests can snap pictures with Koda and Kenai and other Disney characters such as Mickey and Minnie who are dressed in Wild West attire.

                            Picture perfect moment with Koda and Kenai

Grizzly Gulch expands Hong Kong Disneyland’s physical footprint by 23 per cent, bringing the theme park’s total number of attractions and entertainment offerings to more than 100.

It is the second new attraction to open in eight months, following the debut of Toy Story Land in November 2011.  A third one, called Mystic Point, is expected to open in 2013.

Gigi Onag


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