GainingEdge picks African students for its first scholar CSR

Two African students are the first recipients of GainingEdge’s Scholar Programme, which kicked off in January this year.

As part of the organisation’s commitment to the industry, and as an extension of its CSR programmes, GainingEdge has developed the GainingEdge Scholar programme, which recognises the importance of providing meaningful work experience to students who wish to pursue careers in the events industry and who demonstrate leadership potential.

Each year at least one student will serve as the GainingEdge Scholar and will work with the GainingEdge team to develop a project aimed at accomplish the following:

• Make a significant contribution to the industry,

• Deliver a meaningful work/learning opportunity for the student,

• Help the student gain practical industry experience,

• Provide a strong addition to the achievements section of the student’s CV

• Connect the student to an industry network that will help them pursue a successful career.

In 2018 – the programme’s first year – the organisation offered internship opportunities to two, young and deserving scholars from Africa.

The first, Stalin Tawanda Mau Mau, (master of business administration, general management, Stamford International University Bangkok, Thailand), currently based in Bangkok, will work on an “accessible meetings” project.

The research project is a joint effort with BestCities Global Alliance, Rehabilitation International, and GainingEdge, for meetings organisers and the supplier community with a focus on removing barriers in meetings and conventions for delegates with special needs, and make business events more inclusive.

The other 2018 scholar is Mercy Cherono Too (BSc events and convention management, Technical University of Kenya).

Her project aims to assess the capacity of African associations, look at what factors (if any) are limiting their success, and make recommendations for capacity building. The project is undertaken for the African Society of Association Executives, and like the “accessible meetings” project, is offered on a pro-bono basis by GainingEdge with the full support of the Talley Management Group.

Mercy explains: “The project’s vision is to provide African associations with a way to harness their potential and map out a channel for their evolution.”

Gaining Edge CEO Gary Grimmer, says the organisation sees its scholars as “a growing community”. “They are part of a legacy that we are seeking to deliver to the industry. That means that we provide them with ongoing mentorship and a continuing interest in their future success.”


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