Destination Asia expands CSR projects with house-building day

Leading destination management company Destination Asia is focusing on empowering communities as it expands its regional CSR initiatives, with recent projects including a house-building day for a local Thai family.

More than 35 representatives from the head office took part in a day of sand moving, trench digging and concrete laying to help construct a new 42 sqm home for a family of six in Central Thailand. 

The project, part of Destination Asia’s ‘Giving Back’ CSR initiatives, was overseen by international nonprofit organisation Habitat for Humanity. The new homeowners and a neighbour also got involved.

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As the construction work could not be completed in one day, Destination Asia sponsored Habitat for Humanity to complete the work.

Destination Asia currently has 26 CSR projects in motion across the region. The company’s focus is on supporting the creation of small economic enterprises in poverty-stricken regions.

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