Ammo Cafe ignites inspiration

HONG KONG The city in sore need of new venues will certainly welcome newly opened Ammo Cafe, which exudes a lot of history.

It is sitting on a prized location – a 19th-century former explosive magazine compound located just within walking distance of the upscale Pacific Place shopping mall. The compound, whose three buildings have been listed as Grade 1 Historic Buildings, has been restored and donated to the Asia Society Hong Kong Center to house its museum and other facilities.

The 56-seater restaurant, with its tangible link to the city's past – the name AMMO is a slang for "ammunition", offers a modern counterpoint to the historical buildings that surround it.

The team from the boutique interior design firm WANG drew inspiration from the 1965 science-fiction masterpiece, Alphaville, which explores the connection between art, technology and society, to create "a cinematic experience in an interior space".

The central feature of the attraction is a set of three chandeliers that are shaped like spiral staircases (a recurring theme in the film), cascading down from the six-metre-high ceiling. Crafted from bent copper mesh and rods, these reference materials used in military and industrial settings. The bunker-like ceiling is supported by copper ribs, a further nod to its explosive magazine history – as does the copper mural behind the bar.

In addition, all fixtures and furniture are custom-made to ensure a cohesive and unique environment. The surreal yet modern interiors are framed by the lush greenery visible through the floor-to-ceiling windows. Nestled within this stunning landscape backdrop, Ammo is a hidden gem amidst the hustle and bustle of Admiralty.

Ammo Cafe serves a cross-cultural menu, which is comprised of Asian and Mediterranean dishes. It offers three-course set lunches, tapas at cocktail hour and dinner. The minimum food and beverage charge is HK$32,000 (US$4,200).

It is open daily between 11:30am and  12:00am from Sunday to Thursday and between 11:30am and 1:00am on Fridays, Saturdays and the day before a public holiday.

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