A night at the races

HONG KONG Keeping up with the times, the Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) introduced two multi-touch racing entertainment tables at the newly renovated adrenaline bar and lounge in its Happy Valley racecourse, which brings the interactive and online experience, to the horseracing experience.

Called IBU, the surface of the table is like one giant tablet computer, which contains the horseracing information that one can access with a tap of one’s fingers. It takes adrenaline patrons through the game process from selecting the horse and placing the bets with its user-friendly and intuitive interface.  The two tables are placed in an area dubbed the IBU Zone. And this is one of the many steps the Jockey Club has undertaken to attract younger generation to this uniquely Hong Kong pastime.

“The club now delivers a revolutionary experience of horse racing that is digitally interactive, intuitively simple, graphically attractive, and matches the lifestyle of the younger generation,” said Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges, HKJC chief executive. “The IBU Zone at adrenaline is the crystallisation of concepts gleaned from in-depth customer studies that we’ve conducted, which confirm that customers increasingly expect social, interactive entertainment in a trendy relaxed venue.”

adrenaline re-opened two weeks ago after a period of renovation. Like many HKJC venues both in Happy Valley and Shatin, it can be booked for corporate functions both on race and non-race days. adrenaline offers a good view of the race track from an outdoor terrace and the race can be viewed live from LCD screens inside the venue.

HKJC has event packages available for companies booking its venues. For details, visit www.hkjc.com

Gigi Onag



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