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Hearts & Minds

1st August 2008

Meetings take their toll. Stress, anxiety, inactivity, poor nutrition and stale air will at best kill your meeting productivity, at... Read More

Corporate & Caring

1st June 2008

Participants in incentive programmes are the recipients of very expensive and lavish corporate events worldwide. While they have earned their... Read More

Vision Shanghai

1st April 2008

The 2010 World Expo will be a platform to promote Shanghai as an international city – one that can bid... Read More


Venetian Macao

1st April 2008

It’s difficult to discuss the Venetian Macao without reaching for a thesaurus to find a supply of superlatives to describe... Read More

Mekong Magic

1st February 2008

The French influence in south-east Asia adds a touch of cosmopolitan elegance to the countries of Cambodia and Laos but... Read More

Thinking Allowed

1st October 2007

"I think, therefore I am,” said Rene Descartes. While the French philosopher was focusing on nothing less than the profound... Read More

Hainan – Tropical Twist

1st October 2007

Up, up and away! Ten hot-air balloons drifted up to the sky across the Qiongzhou Straits in Haiku, Hainan. Looking... Read More

Bali Rewards

1st October 2007

Mix asked an FPI spokesperson to give the company’s feedback Q. Why was Bali chosen as the location? A. As an... Read More

African Rebirth

1st June 2007

South Africa, the Rainbow Nation, is spreading its colours out to Asia. The country is keen to showcase its awesome... Read More

Japan Rising

1st June 2007

Whatever whets your appetite, whether it be the dizzying hi-tech megalopolis of Tokyo, the Zen-inspired gardens and magnificent temple architecture... Read More